To franchise, or not to franchise?


Franchising has become the fastest growing way of doing business, but is this the only option?

So, Loob Holding recently lost the lucrative Chatime master franchise.

Up till now, Loob Holding has managed to build a bubble tea empire on the business approach of franchising. What is franchising exactly, and how does this differ to other methods of expanding your business, say licensing or even distributorship? Continue reading “To franchise, or not to franchise?”

Share and Capital Maintenance under the Companies Act 2016

This article is fifth in a series entitled A New Corporate Landscape: Key Changes under the Companies Bill 2015 that our clients should know about.

In this article, we outline the major changes relating to the management and restructuring of share capital under the Companies Act 2016 (“new Act”).

Key Change 10: No Par Value for Shares

Par value is the minimum price at which shares can be issued. Under the old Companies Act 1965, shares are issued with a par or nominal value and companies are required to declare authorised share capital. The new Act abolishes this concept.

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Welcome, Companies Act 2016: 5 immediate things to take note of


While many of us were overdosing on mandarin oranges and pineapple tarts last week, the Companies Act 2016 (“the new Act”) came quietly into force. Although its debut may have been overshadowed by the CNY celebrations, its far-reaching effects will no doubt become apparent, moving up your priority list long after the mah-jong table has been stored away, and the last yee sang for the year tossed.

To assist you in getting a quick handle on the new Act, here are 5 things to immediately take note of:

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