Setting the terms: Protecting the Landlord’s interest in Tenancy Agreements

Denise Chong points out the key areas that Landlords should take note and provide for in drafting Tenancy Agreements

tenancy-agreemntUnder Malaysian Law, only a tenancy exceeding 3 years may be registered against the title under the National Land Code 1965. So, whilst a Landlord of a registered lease is statutorily protected, a Landlord of a Tenancy (a lease less than 3 years) is not, and his relationship with his tenant is instead governed by a formal contract – a Tenancy Agreement.

Hence, it is especially important for a Landlord to set out terms and conditions in the Tenancy Agreement that will adequately protect his rights in the demised premises and particularly, to secure prompt payment of rentals from the Tenant. Below are a few specific areas that a Landlord should consider specifically providing for, in a Tenancy Agreement. Continue reading “Setting the terms: Protecting the Landlord’s interest in Tenancy Agreements”